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Qechuaboi – Topiqé?

One of the most creative members of the Cumbia Digital revolution is inarguably Qechuaboi. His weapon of choice is Korg Electribe, which is one hell of a machine. As far as hardware goes for electronic Read More

Sexxy Saturday Cumbia – Erick Jaimez Edition

A couple of days ago, Erick Jaimez promised me a productive week with as many tracks as possible for Sexxy Saturday Cumbia. That made me think: why not dedicate an entire edition to the up and coming Read More

Sexxy *Sunday* Cumbia – Cumbia Carnival!

Last week I had to make a difficult a choice: shall I connect with the zouk bass week or shall I do a carnival-post instead..? But I was too curious not to look into crossbreeds of zouk and cumbia. Read More

Sexxy Sunday Cumbia – Resolutions…

When I make a New Year's resolution, it happens all too often that I think about it again only when realising that I've just broken it. Dragging on that cigarette freshly lit cigarette.. A reason why Read More

Sexxy Saturday Cumbia – The Heart of a Genre

This week, the EDM network decided it was about time for moombahton to give way to a new craze: "MidTempo".. A flashier buzzword for American rave crowds who maybe love to twerk and pop a molly but Read More

Sexxy Saturday Cumbia – Nostalgia (and why that’s becoming a bad thing..)

Generation gaps have probably always existed and for people in my own age category (late 20s) the moment will come sooner or later that you'll find yourself shaking your head about the absurd way of Read More

Sexxy Saturday Cumbia – Cumbia in the Making..

Every week Sexxy Saturday Cumbia offers a spot to check out and download the newest tunes and discover new artists. But a look into the different 'sound labs' where the music is actually being put Read More

Sexxy Saturday Cumbia – Destination: Cumbia!

The first SSC of the new year means: looking forward to the future, of the recurring Sexxy Saturday Cumbia post and also of cumbia itself. Over the last years, cumbia has shown the impressive capacity Read More
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